Space Oil Heaters

space oil heaters

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day 92 – my new heater

day 92 – my new heater

Yeah, it's really not much of a heater ... and if you look in the lower
left side of the photo, you'll see the tinfoil covering the exhaust vent
where my Monitor heater is supposed to be. It went on the fritz over the
weekend, and has now been taken in for maintenance. So I'm stuck here
with a couple of electric space heaters in the meantime. Wheee!

When I build my house, the damn thing is going to have a woodstove.

032908 06

032908 06

Bad Kitty looks like she's "doing time" (and she should be) but she's really trying to warm up by putting her paws under the oil filled radiator space heater. Spring, why have thee forsaken us?

space oil heaters

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