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Solar Powered Room Heater

solar powered room heater

    solar powered
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Winter Storm Jan 2009

Winter Storm Jan 2009

Well, I'm back on Flickr using generator power (writing this Sunday night). Our power went out Tuesday night while American Idol was on. Where I work was closed on Wednesday and open on Thursday. The ice sure is pretty but it was dangerous.

While we tried to sleep as the temp in the house dropped to 55 degrees, we could hear tree branches popping and crashing through the branches. We slept on the living room floor which was not comfortable.

Wednesday night we slept in the bed as the temps dropped to 45 degrees in the house.

Thursday night we slept at my in-laws (next door) on the couch. The gas heater kept the room about 70 degrees, very nice.

Friday my husband bought a generator and we slept in the bed again.
I was too afraid to get on line because I didn't want the generator to go out.

Sunday night I was braver and decided to get on line. Glad to be back!

I have lots of pictures to upload.

solar powered room heater

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